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Beyond the Basics is a resource for educators on sexuality and sexual health.

It offers the tools to teach young people about sexuality and sexual health from a sex-positive, human rights perspective.

Beyond the Basics is available in English and French as well as in E-Publication format (English Only).

The Companion Guide includes handouts, answer keys and resources. It is the same information that is available on Beyond the Basics Online which you will be invited to join after purchasing Beyond the Basics. 

Interested in ordering in bulk? btb@actioncanadashr.org

Beyond the Basics - English

Beyond the Basics - Paperback EN $105/each ($85 + Shipping)

#   @CA$105.00

Beyond the Basics Companion Guide - Paperback EN $55/each ($35 + Shipping)

#   @CA$55.00

Beyond the Basics - Epub EN $35/each (no shipping)

#   @CA$35.00

Beyond the Basics - Bundle (Epub and Paperback) EN $115/each ($95 + Shipping)

#   @CA$115.00

Au-delà de l'essentiel - Français

Au-delà de l'essentiel - Paperback FR $105/each ($85 + Shipping)

#   @CA$105.00

Au-delà de l'essentiel : Manuel d'accompagnement - Paperback FR $55/each ($35 + Shipping)

#   @CA$55.00

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