Will You Join the Movement to Expand Access to Abortion?

While the need for abortion is common, not everyone has access.  

One of the ways we can improve access and remove barriers is to add midwives to the pool of health care workers who can prescribe the abortion pill. Midwives are uniquely positioned to help expand access to abortion, especially in rural areas or where access to a primary care provider is difficult. This is why we actively support midwives in adding prescribing the abortion pill to the services they offer their clients. 

When you give to Action Canada, you make it possible for us to bring our expertise in movement building, advocacy, policy change, and government relations to support the kind of changes that make a real difference in making sure people have access to abortion in their own community.  

Together, we can support  the behind-the-scenes work that will lead to long-lasting change and respond to the need of those who count on us to take down barriers to abortion! Will you join the movement with a donation today? 

Interested in planned giving, donating securities, or other ways to donate? Learn about the Ways to Give to Action Canada.   

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