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Sexual and reproductive health and rights impact all aspects of our lives. It’s about real access to abortion, getting the sex-ed you need to lead a happier and healthier life, and having the ability to make decisions about your body. But it’s also about how we treat each other, see each other, and respect each other, and how we work towards realizing human rights for all.

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We deserve a world where:

  • Every person controls their sexuality, reproduction, gender, and health.

  • Every choice is based on consent.

  • Every government invests in the health and rights of all people.

  • All children everywhere have equal access to quality sex-ed.

  • No person’s choice to have or not have children is threatened by laws, health care, income, religion, or history.

  • All people are able to express their gender, choose who they love, and control their sex lives.

Do you commit to fight for sexual and reproductive rights for all, not just some?

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